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Web Data Extractor is used to extract a target website’s contact details or All information such as  Emails,Fax,Phones,URLs Meta Tag. 

All Applications & Tools are  include with Education Purpose.


Web Data Extractor Software extracts data from internet, web URLs and websites. Web Data Extractor is the best software to extract or scrap data from websites very quickly. This software saves your time and effort.Web Data Extractor extracts data from website, images, hyperlinks, number extract. his software is easy to use.Just like if you want to extracts the image from a website, click on the image. If you want to extracts text from any website, click on the text.You can also export the extracted data in the .csv or .txt file. You can also bookmark the URL of the site.This software save your precious time and effort. Manually it takes so much time to copy and paste the data one by one page,but it can extract all data that configured or captured by the user in just few minutes.This also called scrapping data from a target web site.

Version: Regular & Pro Version. You can chose any one.But we are used regular version

This tool has huge features..

Key Features

  • Outstanding software kit for extraction.
  • Embedded with latest technologies.
  • It has potential of extracting data and saving them at the same time.
  • Easy to use.
  • Data is automatically saved in tabulated manner.
  • Fast paced scrapping.
  • Avoids the misalignment of data thus ensure refined data for users.
  • Online availability.
  • Affordable price rating.
  • Highly accommodation for any business firm and individuals.
  • It directly export the scraped data item to excel.

Auto pause and auto save options curb the possibility of data loosing.

How It Use

  • First You should download Web Data Extractor
  • Open File, if the Security Warning pop-up appears, click Run & then install step by step.
  • installation OK. Then launch Web data Extractor.
  •  You see Web Data Extractor’s main window. Then click up the left site New to start a new session.
  • Open the Session setting window.
  • Type the target URL (Suppose.domain) in the starting URL field,then check all the options as shown in the following screen capture & click OK.
  • Click Start to initiate the Data Extraction.
  • Web Data Extractor will start collecting information such as emails,phones,faxes,URLs etc.
  • pop-up extraction process is completed,an Information dialog box appears.Click OK.
  • View the extracted information by clicking tabs.
  • Select Meta tags tab view the URL,title,keywords,description,host,domain,etc.
  • View the Emails tab to view the email address,name,URL, information related to emails.
  • Select Phones tab to view the phone number,source,tag,etc.
  • Next tab to view Faxes& then next tab to view the URLs and Inactive sites tabs.
  • If You save the information then choose File& click Save Session.
  • Specify the session name in the Save Session dialog box & click OK.
  • Click the Meta tags tab & then click the floppy icon.
  • Information pop-up may appear with the message,You cannot save more than 10 records in Demo Version. Then OK
  • Select the Location & File format {You should Text (CSV)} & then Save.
  • Here I have already scrapping a web site using Data extractor. Click Here

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If You want to know that How to Vern ability scan a web site using whatweb tool. You should click this Link


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