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BD71 Disclaimer
BD71 is one of the oldest and largest free WordPress resource site for beginners. A common question we often get asked is why do you offer everything for free? And it’s usually followed up with how do you make money?

So we’re creating this page to answer How is BD71 funded, and Why it matters to you!

Why is BD71 Free?

As a beginner or small business, you often don’t have a large budget to spend on tools and training. However those two things are crucial for success.

We started BD71 in 2020 with a single goal: create WordPress, Pc Help, Software Information , Tips and Trick tutorials that are easy to understand and most importantly are 100% free.

Our goal is to help small businesses compete with the big guys.

Simply put, we created BD71 to offer users what we wish we had when we first started out.

How Is BD71 Funded?

We have always believed in being honest and transparent with our audience. In our opinion, that’s the only way to build a community.

Running a popular website like BD71 that helps millions of users every month requires significant investment. Both on the server infrastructure part as well as on the content creation part.

Our team creates and maintains thousands of free content written WordPress and Web Learning, Pc Solution, tutorials .

So yes, we have to make money otherwise we would have to shut the site down. Below are two primary sources that fund BD71.

Our Products

Over the years, we have created several premium WordPress  plugins to help you improve your website and grow your business. And Also Develop web and application by work order. When you purchase any of our premium WordPress plugins, or order for any web application to development it helps us fund BD71.

We really appreciate everyone in the BD71 community who use and support us . Thank you.

We only recommend products that we believe will add value to our readers. We thoroughly test and use all products that we recommend. All opinions are our own, and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.


The only difference is that not everyone tell their users how they make money. Sometimes you will see banner ads like these:

When you click on these link, you are tagged with a special cookie to track the referral. If you end up buying the product, then they pay us a referral fee.


Question #1 – Do You See My Personal Details?

Nope. We don’t see any personal information i.e name, email, address, credit card, etc.

The only thing we see is that an anonymous user made a purchase on date/time and which product they bought.

Some of Question will coming soon.

How Can You Help Us?

Sites like BD71 takes a lot of investment to operate. We have a dedicated team of paid programmers, writers, and editors.

That’s why we need your help. Below are few ways you can help us:



If you’ve found BD71 to be helpful, then we hope that you will help support us, so we can continue working towards our mission.

Thank you for support.

Founder of BD71

Devloper of BD71